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®Powertrack : Track Systems for 4x4 Vehicles

A true leader in the manufacture, sales, and marketing of 4x4 tracks in Canada and throughout the world, Powertrack offers products of the highest quality, designed entirely by our own experienced team to allow your business to reach new heights.

100% Canadian Products

Indeed, our superior JEEP tracks are designed, manufactured, and assembled in Canada by our team of skilled technicians. This allows us to assure our clients that we maintain full quality control as well as the ability to quickly make any desired change or adjustment on the spot.

Tested in Canada under the most severe climatic conditions, our 4x4 tracks guarantee optimal traction, allowing you to reach the most remote places on the planet.

We adjust to all requests, regardless of your location and your activity sector. The only limit to our production capacity is your imagination!

International Clientele

We are one of only three companies in the world to produce 4x4 tracks. Our clientele – including companies working in fields as diverse as forestry, emergency services, mining, and tourism – have used our services for manufacturing and selling 4x4 tracks around the world. We serve countries as far away as Sudan, Chile, and Romania.

Our 4x4 tracks are easy to install and uninstall; no need to be an expert mechanic to begin to enjoy the many benefits of our 4x4 tracks. Contact-us today to learn more about our products or to place your order.

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